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  • What is MOVIN' GRID

    MOVIN' GRID is a multi-functional space with endless possibilities. It can be served as an open art gallery, dance studio or the perfect venue for music and cultural events and gatherings. Located at the at heart of the edgy and artistic Hollywood Road, MOVIN' GRID and its neighbouring cafés, chic design shops and independent art galleries create a niche ambience with its unique character.

    The 500 sq. ft rectangular utilitarian space is renovated with simplistic decor, including wooden flooring and a full length mirror wall. The wrap around floor-to-ceiling glass patio doors invites beautiful natural light while it provides a glimpse into the vicinity’s cultural ambience. The surrounding artistic vibe provides a sense of community where creativity can thrive boundlessly.

    MOVIN' GRID is just 10 minutes’ walking distance away from the Central MTR station. This brand new space offers itself as a host for art events, workshops, dance practice, music and drama rehearsals, product launches, exhibitions, and any other related events.

    A unique place to create and discover. We consider MOVIN' GRID to be a cradle for fostering imagination and possibilities, whether it is for an art event or charity fundraiser.

  • The Space

    Street Level | 500 Sq.feet | Studio

    Carnival and Art Booth
    Stage Production and Performance
    Cultural and Leisure Activity
    Art Gallery / Installation
    Artist Workshop
    Corporate Event / Production
    Live Music Event
    Press Conference
    Arts Education Project
    Wine Tasting
    Promotional Activity
    Product launch
    Pop-up store
    Gathering and Party

  • Availability

    Available for bookings from Monday - Sunday (Public Holiday included)
    Opening Hours: from
    Monday - Thursday : 10am to 10pm
    Friday - Sunday: 10am to mid-night

  • Amenities

    Air Conditioning
    Professional Sound System
    DVD Player
    Sprung Wooden Floor
    Wi-Fi Access
    Digital Piano*
    *Extra costs are required.
    Equipment Fee $100 for Digital Piano

    Screening Theatre set 
    1. 5.1 Home Theatre Sound System with DVD Player LG x1
    2. HD Projector DELL x 1
    3. 100 inch Screen With Mount x1

    Equipment Fee $300 for Screen Theatre Set

    Live Event set
    1. House Speaker Mackie x 2
    2.16 track Mixer Mackie x 1
    3. Playback system Sony x 1
    4. Microphone  AKG x 2
    5. Direct box (passive) Raidal x 2
    6. Signal Processor d&b x 1
    7. Power Amplifier Crown x 2
    8. Rag Mount Case x 1 
    9. Electric Piano 

    Equipment Fee $300 for Screen Theatre Set

  • Space Rules and Penalties

    1: A security deposit $1000HKD is required to be paid by the renter prior to the event, payable on arrival, which will be refunded post event once MOVIN' GRID is satisfied that the studio is returned in good order.
    Deposits must be paid in CASH. All or part of the security deposit maybe retained on your departure to compensate for physical damage to the premises (breakage, loss…), unpaid rent or cleaning charges.

    2: No smoking (Penalty of $1,500 will be imposed if found).

    3: No open flames.
    *BEWARE* - Candles, Palo Santo Woods, Sage or any other incense sticks are considered "Open flame devices". Open flame devices carry with them the risk of unintentional fire and serious consequences when not used appropriately. Therefore, please beware to place your incense stick inside your holder carefully.

    4: Any broken/damage of properties that belong to MOVIN' GRID will be charged at $1000 per object/item/unit. This is a studio policy and is non-negotiable.

    5: MOVIN' GRID reserve the right to end alcohol service and/or the event at any time, for any reason, if our staff feels that behaviour and/or alcohol consumption is getting out of control or dangerous.

    6: The hirer(s) is responsible for taking out or putting away tables and chairs, cleaning the floors with the exception of food spills, for which you and your caterer are responsible, or cleaning the bathrooms.

    7: Please hang up any signage on our walls with sticky tack instead of tape, which can peel off our paint.
    In addition, everything must be removed from the space the same day unless other arrangements have been made prior.

    8: All music volume should be kept to appropriate levels and floor-to-ceiling glass patio doors MUST be closed after 10pm.
    * Dance bands or DJs must stop one hour before the end of your rental period to allow for the clean-up hour.

    9: Cleaning and disposal of event waste and an additional charge of a cleaning fee ranging from $200-$300 is required for some events.
    10: Everything must be removed from the space the same day unless other arrangements have been made prior.

    11: The hirer(s) is responsible for the door code and it should be safeguarded. Please turn off all electric appliances, stereo, lights and securing the door when you leave the space.

    ** An additional charge of an administration fees ranging from $300-$500 is required if the hirer forgot to switch off any electrical appliances.


    1: For the security reason, the space is monitored by four wireless cameras and it is in operation 24 hours a day.

    2: The hirer(s) hereby assume responsibility for all Guests brought into the space. Guests will be bound by the same Rules and Regulations as the Practitioners.

    3: Personal Property – MOVIN’GRID is not responsible for the personal property of the Renter or Guests while on premises.

    4: The hirer(s) must carry their own insurance to cover themselves and their guests during the entirety of their rental time. MOVIN’ GRID will not be responsible for any accident or injury happened during the event. Please prepare yourself with insurance if necessary.

    5: All personal data collected are strictly used for registration purposes only.

    6: MOVIN’ GRID reserves the right to impose a penalty for any other damage.

  • Cancellation & Security Deposit

    1: To secure your booking, we require a deposit of 50 % of your total rental price. The booking is only finalised once your deposit has been received and the cheque has cleared. Deposits must be paid within 15 days of booking request; failure to comply will result in the cancellation of your booking. The remaining balance of 50% payment should be made no less than 2 days prior to the rental date.

    2: Certain special rental packages set up by MOVIN' GRID will require payment in full at the time of booking.

    3: Please notify management 48 hours in advance if you need to reschedule the booking. We will reschedule your booking to another time slot ONCE.
    Otherwise, there is a 100% charge for all cancellations with short notice.

    4: Please notify management immediately if the hirer(s) need to cancel the booking time completely.
    For all cancellations, the deposit is forfeited and NON- REFUNDABLE.
    * We charge a $100HKD no-show fee to all clients who do not show up for registered booking time slots.*

    5: The hirer(s) may re-schedule or receive a refund only if the booking has been cancelled due to the bad weather conditions, such as black rainstorm signal or if typhoon signal number 8 and above are hosted; due to a force majeure event has been arisen.

    - If typhoon signal number 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued during the normal opening hours of the studio, unless safety consideration warrants for impending closure of the hired studio, the studio will remain open and the hirer can continue to use the hired venue.

    - If typhoon signal number 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is issued before the normal opening hours of the studio (10am -12am), the hired studio will be closed and re-opened within 2 hours after the typhoon signal number 8 or Black
    Rainstorm Warning Signal is cancelled. Nevertheless, when typhoon signal number 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is cancelled 2 hours at or before the hiring period and the hirer cancels the booking on his/her own accord, neither reallocation nor refund of the booking will be granted.

    - The unused hiring period can only be reallocated in the coming 2 months from the original
    date of the booking; subject to the availability of the hired studio.
    The hirer must send an email to our management within 30 calendar days, inclusive of the date of the
    original booking for reallocation of the unused hiring period; otherwise the unused hiring
    period will be forfeited without further notice. No alteration can be made once reallocation
    of the unused hiring period has been confirmed.

    6: MOVIN' GRID reserves the right to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances.
    The hirer(s) will receive a full refund of the paid hire charge. Neither the organisation nor its
    employees shall be liable for any losses incurred owing to the cancellation of booking.

    *We make changes to these terms from time to time. These terms are subject to updates without notice.
    Please refer back to this page to keep up to date with any changes.

  • Studio Directions

    Shop C2, LG/F, Po Lung Commercial Building, 89- 95 Hollywood Road ( Sin Hing Street entrance)
    (Open in Google Map)

    From Central MTR Station:

    Walk from Hollywood Road up to PMQ

    From Sheung Wan MTR Station:

    Exit E2, walk to Queens Road Central, then to Wellington Street, up Aberdeen St, to Gough street, turn up the steps of Shin Hing Street.

    By Bus:

    Bus Citybus #3B, #12, #12M, #40, #40M, #103
    First Bus #13, #23B
    Mini Bus GMB #10, #31 to Caine Road

  • COVID-19 Precautionary Measure

    In response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, in order to reduce the risk of disease spread and ensure the safety and health of our guests, a series of hygiene measures will be implemented with immediate effect.
    *MOVIN'GRID reserve the right of requesting vaccination information or proof of a negative COVID-19 test from guests as part of the booking process.

    The below MANDATORY measure will strictly comply with all the renter/clients accordingly.

    1: For the safety reason, it is a requirement that the organiser to manage the room block and guests registration. All visitors and attendees MUST sign up or check in at the reception counter on arrival.

    2: All visitors / artists are required to check their temperature at the studio entrance and those with fever or respiratory illnesses should refrain from entering the studio.

    3: For those who have visited overseas or have returned from overseas and their close contacts;
    or close contacts of highly suspected/ confirmed cases of novel coronavirus MUST NOT come to the studio. They are advised to stay home and self-isolate for 14 days upon their return as far as possible.

    4: Alcohol-based hand rubs and spray should be ready at the studio entrance for use. All visitors / artists are asked to wash their hands throughly with alcohol-based hand rub and spray their shoes before entering the studio.

    5: Highly recommend all the guest to wear a surgical mask inside the studio. The organiser are suggested to provide a box of masks at the entrance for use. Wash hands regularly and wrap used masks and dispose of the used masks properly in a lidded rubbish bin.

    MOVIN'GRID reserve the right to end the event at any time, for any reason if you are caught violating the mask-wearing regulations.
    We seek for the kind understanding and cooperation of all customers on the above measures and wishes to remind all to stay alert and be mindful of personal hygiene during this critical time.

Booking Rates.

  • Educational Workshop
  • $350 / HOUR (Weekdays) & $500 / HOUR (Weekends)
  • Alteration costs may incur if the venue needs to be adapted to certain events.
    • Standard Rates For Booking 2 Hours
    • 10% Discount For Booking 10 Hours or above
    • 15 minutes set up time to be provided
    • Additional fee applies for extra facilities, such as Piano, Projector and Screen
  • Corporate & Private Event
  • Minimum $1000 / HOUR
  • * Private Music Event , standard booking for 6 hours. 3 hours set up, rehearsal time and Sound equipment included
    • Standard Rates For Booking 4-6 Hours
    • 30 minutes set up time to be provided
    • Additional fee applies for extra facilities, such as Piano, Projector and Screen
  • Exhibition & Pop-up Art Event
  • Minimum $6000 Per Day
  • Full day and Weekly rate maybe negotiable based on projects.
    • Standard Rates For Booking 12 Hours
    • Set up time and Sound Equipment included
    • Additional fee applies for extra facilities, such as Piano, Projector and Screen

Minimum Booking: 2 hours
Booking Fee listed is for Workshops only
A cleaning fee ranging from $150-200 will be charged for bookings that does not clean up after the event
Full Day and Weekly rate maybe negotiated depending on usage requirements
Art Education rates negotiable based on projects.
Alteration costs may incur if the venue needs to be adapted to certain events. Costs will be calculated depending on the level of alteration and set-up required for a particular event.


Movin’Grid is made up of a team of professionals with a broad range of backgrounds. No matter it be educational, artistic or production-wise, we are prepared to assist you in creating your unique event for creative projects, artistic and cultural experiences or simply a trademark event of your own.

Gigi Yiu


The founder of MOVIN' GRID. She studied for a Masters degree at the Guildford School of Acting (GSA) on a full scholarship provided by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund in 2014/15. She demonstrated the ability to work internationally with leaders, directors and choreographer across commercial units, such as BBC, Sky Arts in UK and the most prestigious traditional theatre company in Japan (Shiki Theatre Company). Gigi earned the nomination of the Leading Best Actress for the 24th Hong Kong Drama Award & The 6th Hong Kong Theatre Libre. Throughout the years, she also choreographed works for the screen and stage pieces, musicals, drama productions, dance coaching for commercial concerts, as well as directed a Tap Dance Performance in HK Ocean Park and K11 MUSEA. In 2018, she became the Executive Committee of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund Association. Recently, She worked as a guest lecturer at HK Chinese University and a movement tutor at the HK Open University. In 2021, she became a Part-time dance lecturer at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts.


Movin'Grid offer a range of private / semi lessons in all types of Dance, Drama, Singing and Music by appointments. We are currently accepting new students from beginners to Adv. Professional. Please email for more information.

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